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Lodestone Insights is Your Trusted Conference Navigator. Our web-based tools help our clients shop and compare conferences, surfacing the right ones to invest in - attending, speaking, sponsoring, and exhibiting - improving their focus and ROI. Clients also have access business intelligence that assists in their strategic monitoring and evaluation of their potential customers, competitors, and market trends.

Shop and Compare Conferences

Make more informed decisions about where to attend, speak, sponsor, and exhibit with our proprietary standardized scoring system

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On-Demand Business Intelligence

Aggregated and organized agenda, poster, sponsor, and exhibitor activity data from thousands of conferences that influence decisions

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Custom Analysis and Reports

Answering key questions for competitive insights, landscape analyses, brand presence audits, and strategic budget planning

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Why We Do It

Each year in the United States there are an estimated 1.8 million conventions, conferences, trade shows, and exhibition meetings. In 2015, these events are estimated to attract 247 million participants with an estimated direct spending of $298 billion. When combined with other indirect effects, the conference industry contributes $393 billion annually to US GDP; estimates put this figure at over $1 trillion globally.

With all of the individual and company activities that happen at conferences, they are a rich data resource that can be used for business intelligence and pro-actively monitoring movements within a sector – from scientific innovation, to product launches, to new partnerships/relationships, to trending topics and new perspectives from thought leaders and domain experts. Private equity firms, investment banks, business development professionals, consulting groups, and academic institutions attend conferences to gather information to influence decisions tied to stock and portfolio investments, mergers and acquisitions, identification of new customers, and the development of new products and services.

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The Common Process of Chasing Bright and Shiny Population Health Objects Speaking at the HIMSS Healthcare IT News Population Health Forum in Chicago, Jeffrey Springer, VP of healthcare solutions at CitiusTech Inc proposed a 3 by 3 matrix with nine boxes that must be checked off for an organization to achieve a return on investment […]

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Lodescore Update: Patient Engagement & Digital Health, So Hot Right Now

Insurers investing in Digital Health Start ups Over the past 5 years, payers have invested $900 million into digital health. According to cbinsights, of the 156 transactions in this time frame, 60 were in digital health. Payer investment in this space is seen as a focus on becoming more differentiated and focusing more closely on […]

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Wireless Data Exposed; Politicians Smart Enough to Manage Cyber Security? During the RNC last week a cyber security team of 70 monitored the network and neutralized several threats, including some traffic from Asia and Russia. Through out the week, more than 10K devices tapped into the conventions’ wireless.  Every one of those devices contained data that […]

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